The Management staff
Article published on 29 April 2016
last modification on 14 June 2020

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The Director of the MAISEL SudParis and his staff are in charge of the MAISEL management; the MAISEL staff is composed of an administrative team and a technical team.

Philippe Beaulieu
Philippe Beaulieu
Director of MAISEL SudParis

The administrative team:

The administrative team will help and support you in all formalities and administrative requests, and in particular for any information concerning lodging registation, financial questions and housing subsidies.

Christine Fixot Magali Le Porhiel Elisa Muzzin
Christine Fixot
Executive assistant
Lodging registration

Magali Le Porhiel
Accounting assistant
Housing subsidies
Financial questions
Elisa Muzzin
Administrative assistant

Maisel office opening hours:
1:30pm to 5:30pm from monday to thursday, 1:30pm to 4:30pm on friday

The technical team:

The technical team takes care of room and equipment maintenance and is also involved in room refurbishing programs.

Should you have any trouble in your room (electric problem, water leakage, etc...) the technical staff will fix it as soon as possible after you noticed your problem by email :

Any request for a technical intervention must be made by email at :

In case of an emergency, you can reach the technical staff by dialing 01 60 76 40 71 from any phone; there is always a technician on duty at night any time of the year.

Franck Eboli

Technical manager
Patrick Sallé Noel Taily Franck Zemmour
Patrick Sallé
Vice technical manager

Noel Taily

Franck Zemmour