Admission International students of IMT-BS and TSP
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This procedure concerns the following students only :

  • International students of IMT-BS or TSP :
    Specialized Master, Master of Science, Exchange

    How to apply for an accomodation ?

1- Book your room on line as described 1- Booking on line

2- Establish your admission file, to have ready on the day of your arrival at the MAISEL SudParis
We advise you to prepare it in advance as described 2- Admission file set up

Prior to applying for your accommodation, should you need an accommodation certificate in order to apply for a Visa :

1- Booking on line

Booking a room on line is mandatory and must be validated by a booking deposit (200 €) to be paid by credit card.

The booking on line process will start :

  • IMT Business School Exchange students (2020 fall semester) :
  • IMT Business School Pass’world students :
  • IMT Business School Master of Science students :
    from August 17, 2020 2:00 pm to September 21, 2020 2:00 pm (Paris time)
  • TSP Exchange and Master of Science students :
    from August 24, 2020 2:00 pm to August 29, 2020 2:00 pm (Paris time)
  • TSP Specialized Master students :
    from September 11, 2020 2:30 pm to September 16, 2020 5:00 pm (Paris time)

Access to the booking on line application from the link at the end of this page


To access the application, you will have first to pass by an authentication step which requires 2 ID’s :

  1. the email address you have communicated to your school
  2. a password that you will have to ask for at your 1st connection to the application page :

If you were admitted to IMT-BS or TSP, then your details are recorded in the data base of the schools and you will get your password by return email.

If you are not recognized in the data base, you can not access the booking application. Should this be the case, contact immediately the school service in charge of your scholarship :


Students of TSP :

Students of IMT-BS :

The MAISEL SudParis is not responsible for the schools data bases, accomodation application is not accessible without the validation of the schools.

When authenticated, you will have to fill out a form to complete your profile.

Once you have done this, you will have to choose a room : surf the pages of the Maisel buildings layouts and select the room you would like to book amongst the available ones (marked in green).

réservation en ligne

Bookings are recorded following to the « 1st connected - 1st served » rule and depending on the availibility of our rooms and within the quota validated by the schools for each cursus.

N. B. :
We will do our best to provide the room you wished but in the case of its non-availibility due to unexpected technical reasons, another room of the same category would be attributed instead.
Should this be the case, no complaint will be acceptable, nor will a late room transfer for personal convenience.

Rooms will be available :

  • from august 31 for IMT-BS International students
  • from september 18 for TSP Exchange students
  • from september 25 for TSP Specialized Master and Master of Science students

Due to the COVID 19 context, sanitary measures issued by the french government must by observed : Arrival date can not be chosen, check in upon individual notification only
Your notification will be sent by email within 48h after your booking on line ; date and time can not be changed and will be set from monday to friday between 9:00am to 5:00pm (Paris time).

Lastly to finalize your booking, you will have to pay a 200 € booking deposit by credit card.

Please check your available credit prior to accessing the payment process step.
You will have 20mn left to finalize your booking ; if not, all is canceled and you will have to make a new booking.


  • As soon as your payment is validated by your bank, you will receive a booking confirmation email to save and to show when checking in the Maisel.
  • Download the Guarantor commitment certificate, to be signed by your guarantor (mandatory), to add to your admission file.

An accommodation certificate (*) at your disposal can be downloaded
(*) Accomodation certificate assuming that the check-in requirements will be met

2- Admission file set up

  1. Show your booking confirmation email when check-in (see 1- Booking on line)
  2. Download and print the Guarantor commitment certificate available after your booking is finalized
    (see 1- Booking on line) to be signed by your guarantor
  3. Provide a copy of passport or ID official card of your guarantor
  4. If you wish to rent a parking space in our secure parking lots, please provide a copy of your car registration certificate ; for the underground parking lot (building U6) only, there will be a 50 € deposit for the controlled access device.
  5. Pay your 500 € room security deposit (cash or credit card)
  6. Provide your bank account details (*)

(*) Students who do not have a French bank account yet will have to open a French bank account a soon as possible : having a French bank account is compulsory since the security deposit is refundable after check-out by bank transfer only.


  • Registration fee (see Housing rates) shall be charged on your 1st invoice.
  • Booking deposit paid on line (200 €) shall be deduced from the housing fee of your 1st invoice.
  • Management costs are applicable in case of payment by cheque or cash starting with the 3rd invoice.
  • We recommend that you pay your invoices by credit card or direct debit.
  • If you choose the direct debit : Please meet the Maisel accountant at the MAISEL office with your French bank account details, you will have to sign a SEPA mandat (authorization for the MAISEL to debit your bank account).


  • Do not forget your admission file duely completed which is mandatory upon check in at the MAISEL SudParis.

Due to the COVID 19 context, sanitary measures issued by the french government must be observed : Check in upon individual notification only on day and time specified.

  • from august 31 for IMT-BS International students
  • from september 18 for TSP Exchange students
  • from september 25 for TSP Specialized Master and Master of Science students

Please manage your arrival time accordingly, you may need to book a night at an hotel.

WARNING : Please be on time ! Should you be late, you will have to make an appointment later.

- Check in late :

  • Should you be late, you must first mail us a notice. If you don’t, this is a "no show" case and your booking shall be canceled.
  • Please note that a late arrival extension can be accepted (if noticed in time) but can not exceed 10 days beyond the date specified on your check in notification, thus booking is canceled.

Booking deposit is not refundable in case of withdrawal, "no show", or booking cancellation due to a noticed late arrival exceeding 10 days.


Anticipate your application ! Do not wait the last minute to apply for a room and know well the process, any late or lost of time is disadvantageous

  • Make sure that you have fully understood all the information on this page prior to connecting to the application

We advise you to connect to the application some days before the booking opening date in order to save time : depending on the scheduled updates of the data base, you will be able to complete your profile in the form BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BOOK A ROOM YET ; you will have to log in again from the booking opening date to book a room and finish the process.

  • Should you have any difficulties in applying for your accomodation, please contact us by email only : infomaisel

You will find there the answers to almost all your questions…We will not reply if the information is already present on the website, especially during the vey busy summer months. We thank you for your understanding.